Football has been the most popular sport for years. Of all sports, this discipline is actively practiced by the majority of people – amateurs or professionals. Football is always the most important place in the offer of every bookmaker. Parimatch Betting Match Football covers the largest number of tournaments, and in this discipline the largest number of bets per match is available. Every year this sport attracts millions of fans to stadiums in almost every country.

Line on Football in a Parimatch Match

It is obvious that football matches cannot be absent from the offer of bookmakers. Every player who bets should learn the basic principles of betting on football. Therefore, it is worth looking at this discipline in terms of betting and answering the question: how to effectively bet on football with bookmakers?

Types of football events:

  • A 1X2 bet is a win for one of the two teams participating in a meeting or a draw.
  • Betting on winning 1 or 2 is a victory for one of the teams; if the draw bet is 1.0.
  • Double Chance is a two-way bet (1X, X2, 12) in which we have a chance to win 66% at the start.
  • Under /over – most often a bet on the number of goals in a match; can also relate to the number of goals of one team or the number of goals in one of the halves.
  • Handicap is a bet in which one of the teams on the starting grid has an advantage in achieving a goal or goal.
  • The correct score is a bet on the exact result of a match or half.

Additional bets on football Parimatch Match – for example, the first goal scored, both teams will score, a red card, own goal, etc.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the national leagues have changed the format of the competition.

But most of them have already decided on the dates of the resumption of tournaments:

  1. Plans of European countries with the most prestigious championships are focused on the continuation of the season in June. These are Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and others.
  2. France will not resume the tournament, but will announce the winner of the existing standings.
  3. The Netherlands has completely annulled the events of this football year.
  4. Belarus did not stop holding competitions.
  5. Some countries have not yet decided on the future of their football championships, fearing a negative scenario of the pandemic.

Both fans and bookmakers are looking forward to the return of their favorite teams on the field. So far, the real alternative is cyber football, not inferior to traditional heat-fighting battles.

Bonuses when betting on football

You can bet on football Match with the proposed bonuses.

Prizes from bets can be divided into two categories in the first place, namely:

  • For beginners;
  • For regular customers.

The most tempting on the rating are welcome bonuses. They are focused on encouraging a new player willing to bet on football with Parimatch app.

Bookmaker’s promotions for new players take the following forms:

  1. Freebet – as the name suggests, it’s a motivation that allows you to bet for free, so you don’t incur any costs from the start.
  2. Cashback. Using this type of promotion makes it easier for new players to place their first bet without stress, as well as allowing them to familiarize themselves with the various mechanisms and draw conclusions necessary for further play.
  3. A deposit supplement is no more than the amount awarded to a player that depends on funds previously paid by the user.

All types of rewards are interpreted as the wide features of the portal and the reliability of the bookmaker.

Tough competition forces companies to expand their offer to attract new customers, so most operators are tempting new players with a bonus on the starting deposit.

Bonuses have different benefits to two groups of players.

For a newly registered customer:

  • An opportunity to gain invaluable experience, at the expense of the bookmaker;
  • To test the new site
  • Assess the skills of the game
  • Play with a cold head;
  • to increase your finances.

For a professional:

  • Additional funds for the game
  • The opportunity to increase income
  • Win valuable prizes
  • access to VIP-only amenities.

Football has so many fans, so many experts, that it becomes a gourmet dish for holidaymakers who, from time to time fall into the excitement of matches, betting on the result. For the other circle of people it is a real source of income. All fans are looking forward to the restoration of the games in full.