Every bookmaker that respects users has an app for the phone. Downloading the Parimatch app for betting on Android and iOS platforms has become the standard. It is impossible to function in today’s world of betting and gaming entertainment without the use of devices and mobile solutions. Parimatch users are certainly aware of this, and most people use technological innovation. Let’s see what advantages the mobile application of the bookmaker is characterized by.

Download the app

Download Parimatch mobile app

The practice has proved the advantages of using mobile applications of bookmakers. Whether it’s the Parimatch app on iOS or Android, from a user’s point of view, using the program will be the fastest way to achieve your goal. Turning on your browser, entering a website address, having to log into your personal account are a few more steps, and even a well-established mobile version of the website will never compare to the app’s settings.

Download Parimatch on your phone stands because of the list of positive properties:

  1. Speed. The app usually works much faster than the website. Individual items in the app are read based on the user’s activity. The user rarely waits a considerable amount of time to download the data. Fast access to betting odds is very important for players. Nothing annoys the player more than the long loading of the offer of the course.
  2. Availability. In 2020, hardly anyone will part with a smartphone for a long time. The range of the Internet is still growing, so it is safe to say that bets can be made from almost any place and at any time. Programs have an advantage over browser versions, because they work pretty quickly even with a weak Internet. In places where there are problems with the speed of the Internet, it is best to use betting apps.
  3. Usefulness. A well-designed installation guarantees maximum usability and free of charge. Navigating the menu is convenient, it makes it easy to access a particular offer or sporting event. Making a coupon often takes a few tens of seconds for the player.
  4. Security. Modern technology brings many benefits, but also exposes the user to potential threats. Hackers and online thieves are constantly looking for new ways to access our data or accounts. When we use BK through the app, the risk of a potential attack on our account is much lower than when using the site.

Download the mobile version is not only in terms of security, but also for all the positive qualities listed.

Download the app

The difference between apps on Android and iOS

Install Parimatch on an iPhone. If you don’t have a bookmaker account, we recommend you go to your computer and open a desktop account when you sign up. The process of registering an account on a small smartphone screen is cumbersome, and touchscreen letters close to each other can cause incorrect data to enter.

How to download Parimatch on Android and install it:

  1. In your phone’s settings, select “Allow installation from third-party sources.”
  2. Go to the bookmaker’s website from your phone’s web browser.
  3. The site should detect the fact of entry from a small screen and automatically offer download. Typically, this message appears at the top of the screen with a link to a dedicated sub- that will be available to download the mobile app. If Parimatch doesn’t display an automatic message, it’s best to enter google’s “bookmaker’s name app” and go to the search results in the bookmaker’s domain.
  4. Download the apk file from the page with the app installer and click “Install.” The message is “These types of files can harm your device. Do you still want to save the file?” is the standard message when downloading files outside the official Google Play store, and if we download a file from the bookmaker’s website, there’s nothing to worry about.
  5. Open the installation. When you first start, some bookmakers’ apps request access to photos or locations. Such access is not required.

From now on, you can use the bookmaker’s mobile app on iOS and Android. You can download Parimatch without worrying about device security or loss of personal data.