Playing as a Spectacular Sport

This concept originated in South Korea. Starcraft, at one time, became incredibly popular in this country. Roughly half of the game’s worldwide sales come from this country. Many thousands of people come to the stadiums to watch the games live or in Parimatch India app download. And such a concept as a professional player came from there.

Millions of US dollars, total prize money won in tournaments in South Korea. Despite the fact that this is essentially a network game, many players specially fly to local competitions in order to play with their opponent in the same room in order to avoid various lags in the game itself. Starcraft was a pioneer in the esports arena as it was the first game that people who didn’t play it were interested in. This is why Starcraft 2 betting is so popular.

Types of bets in Starcraft

Starcraft betting can be done using the services of classic bookmakers. Today Parimatch bet is the leader in the eSports market.

The most common type of bet is a bet on the winner of a particular match. In the tournaments held, it is possible to place bets in this way, either on an individual or on a team.

Another common type of esports betting Starcraft is a bet on the winner of the tournament and on how many games this or that team will win in the tournament. Such bets have more risk, but they also bring more serious winnings.

Some bookmakers allow players to place bets on multiple events in several types of games at once. Such bets are very difficult, but again, the level of difficulty increases the size of the winnings.

What you need to know about the people you bet on

It is highly undesirable to place bets without understanding who you are betting on. The best resources of statistical data on SC2 are relatively far from the analytical centers of classical sports in terms of information content. Therefore, absolutely any information that you can get your hands on will be useful.

Like any sport, SC2 has its own commentators. They, like no one else, know what is happening in this esports discipline. It is believed that the information they give is the most reliable, since these maniacs missed such a number of matches and tournaments through themselves that it is difficult even to imagine. Each of the bottom has its own channels, so it is not difficult to find them. Only they know some specific information, for example:

  • The player’s success in the game against a specific faction, or on a specific map.
  • Whether the player is using, and how often, various strategic techniques.
  • How good the player is at unit control compared to his opponent.
  • Personal information about the player and his status in the team.
  • An in-depth story about the player and how he entered the esports arena.

By listening to these guys, you can get a lot of tidbits of information that will help you decide on your bet.

Starcraft 2 is an extremely challenging game with a high barrier to understanding and a challenging learning curve for both players, so watching only the top players and only following the top commentators can give you the most objective picture of the upcoming match.

Head over to the Starcraft betting site and start making the winner’s decisions.