IPL online betting at Parimatch

Cricket is a very popular sport in India. Therefore, there is a professional league here, which is called the IPL. People love to watch the game, and even more like to bet on it. That is why Parimatch IPL is a very popular section.

To correctly make predictions here, you need to be well versed in the features of the sport. About this, as well as about the possibilities of Parimatch for bettors, we will talk further.

How to bet on Indian Premier League on Parimatch?

First you need to understand that only registered users with an active account can place bets. It will be necessary to make a replenishment at least once. After that, in order to bet on IPL Parimatch, you will need:

  • go to the cricket section;
  • find an event there;
  • select a bet and click on it;
  • pay the bet.

The coefficient, which can change, becomes fixed at the moment you make the payment. If the bet wins, you will make a profit, if not, then the bookmaker takes it.

Parimatch bonus for new players

To make it much easier to start betting, the bookmaker offers new customers a profitable bonus. It is accrued if a person has just become a bettor on the Parimatch website and has replenished the account with a certain amount. The minimum deposit amount required for bonus accrual can be found in the terms and conditions.

As a result, you will receive a sum of money. It will be possible to use it as an IPL bonus Parimatch. As a result, the bet is risk-free. When paying, you will be able to choose the function of using the bonus. If the bet loses, then you will not lose anything. And if you win, you will get profit without investments.

Betting Rules and Strategies

Within this league, 8 teams compete with each other. They play home matches and away games. It turns out that each team plays 2 times. After the first round is completed, 4 winners go to the so-called playoffs, where the 2 strongest teams with the best results compete first.

People who place bets choose the best team in IPL Parimatch. This directly affects the odds on the line. And this is the first feature that you need to use in your strategy. The coefficients do not always reflect the real picture of what is happening.

The second point is that it is best to bet live. Since games usually last a long time, the broadcast helps to gather more information for the correct prediction. You will have access to this feature thanks to Parimatch IPL live. And this is very cool: not all bookmakers can offer this.

It is also important to know the rules of the game, the features of this sport, understand the teams and understand how related factors affect the outcome. For example, weather conditions. Only using all this information can a correct prediction be made. Therefore, analysis is an essential part of any strategy.

Betting Options and Lines

On the betting site you will find the so-called line. It is built separately for each match and consists of the following elements:

  • match information;
  • betting markets;
  • coefficients.

Markets are the same as species. The main types of bets in cricket are:

  • the main outcome (without a draw), that is, the choice of the winning team;
  • handicap, that is, a forecast with which advantage the team will win;
  • total, that is, a certain number of wounds;
  • player statistics (personal);
  • match statistics (how many run-outs there were, for example);
  • the outcome of the first innings;
  • draw result.

As you can see, Parimatch IPL betting is quite diverse. Various functions are provided here for your convenience. You can customize the display of coefficients in a format convenient for you. For example, change Asian to American or European, etc. In a coupon, you can combine several bets into one by creating a parlay bet. Also, here you can configure systems and much more.

IPL Betting Tips

Professional bettors use some chips. They help them to more accurately predict outcomes. And this is not a secret, so we can talk about them.

The main recommendations for IPL betting Parimatch India relate to factors to consider before betting. And here is their list:

  • Draw result. A lot depends on who delivers the ball first. If a team plays with a new ball on a fresh field, then it has an advantage, since the ball does not change during the game;
  • Weather. Cricket is very weather dependent. If it starts to rain, then the game will stop, so the results of the draw take on even more importance when rain is predicted (since the time of the game is limited);
  • Field coverage — it can be very different, from the ground to the lawn with grass of different lengths. Also, it is not permanent and may change depending on care. It is important to take this into account, as well as to know for which team the match on this field is home. Most likely, she is better prepared for the playing conditions on such a surface;
  • Statistics of the team’s results in previous games. It shows what form the athletes are in.

All this is significant to keep track of, so betting on cricket is a matter for those who are really into this sport.


Cricket is a wonderful game that professional bettors love very much. Matches are interesting to analyze. The most high-profile event in India related to this sport is presented in many bookmakers. But it is on Parimatch IPL that it has the longest line and sufficient statistics for analysis.

Bettors like to bet on this sport in live rather than pre-match. Because the result is influenced by factors such as the result of the draw and the weather. Try to make a prediction on the outcome of the next match!